How To Flash Lollipop FTF File on Xperia Z2 With Flashtool (23.1.A.0.690)

You can now download and flash the official Android 5.0 Lollipop FTF file on your Sony Xperia Z2 and enjoy the all new Android version. A few days ago, we posted an article about Sony releasing OTA updates based on Lollipop for its two of flagship devices, the Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact. But the post also noted that these two weren’t the only devices to receive the update. Sony has a long list of Xperia Z devices planned to enjoy the Material Design.

The next lucky Sony device is the predecessor of the Xperia Z3, the Xperia Z2. Even though the Z2 is older than its successor, it has the same processor and the same screen. They are similar on many aspects. This is the biggest reason why Sony didn’t delay the Lollipop update for this phone.

If you have the Sony Xperia Z2 running on 4.4 KitKat and can’t wait to update to Android 5.0, you have come to the right place. Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t rolled out any OTA Lollipop updates for the Xperia Z2. Instead, users have been able to capture the official FTF Lollipop file.

Forum member “pajoneer” has been able to get its hands on the official FTF file for the Sony Xperia Z2, based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. The FTF file can be flashed on Xperia Z2 D6503 and comes with the build number 23.1.A.0.690. Following the guide below, you can flash the Lollipop firmware on your Xperia Z2 in no time.

How To Flash Android 5.0 Lollipop FTF File on Xperia Z2

The good thing about flashing a FTF file is that you don’t need to be rooted or have a custom recovery installed. You only need a few things that can be downloaded below.

Requirements & Downloads

Enable the USB Debugging option on your Xperia Z2. This will ensure a secure and optimal connection between your phone and the PC.

Install USB drivers for your phone (download)

Flashtool: flashtool-

Lollipop FTF: D6503_23.1.A.0.690_Generic_Baltic.ftf

Flashing the Lollipop FTF file

  1. Download Flashtool and install it.
  2. Go the folder where the program is installed and install the Flashtool drivers.
  3. Now connect your Xperia Z2 to your PC.
  4. On the Flashtool menu, click the lighting icon.
  5. A small window will pop up. Choose Flashmode.
  6. Navigate to the folder where the Lollipop FTF file is located and select it. On the side, check “Wipe data, cache”.
  7. Click the “Flash” button.
  8. Disconnect the phone from the PC.
  9. Press the volume down button and connect the phone to the PC. This will connect the phone in flashmode.
  10. Flashtool will start flashing the Lollipop firmware.

You have successfully flashed Android 5.0 Lollipop 23.1.A.0.690 firmware on your Xperia Z2. If you have already installed it, how has the experience been so far?


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