How To Get More Free Space on Moto G By Relocating Dalvik Cache

The Motorola Moto G has been considered as one of the most successful Motorola devices. Even though it isn’t one of the most popular Android phones, the device has sold very well all around the world.

It costs less than every Android phone you can find on the market and the specifications are excellent when you consider the price. The Moto G is capable of running even the latest games without lagging. It has a decent Snapdragon 400 chipset, 1 GB RAM and 5 MP camera.

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One of the biggest weaknesses of this phone is the internal memory storage. Most of units only have 8 GB of memory making it very limited in terms of installing a lot of applications, games and storing videos.

free space moto g cache

It would be great if the user actually had 8 GB of free space. In fact, the phone only has 5.7 GB of free usable memory because the rest is taken by the operating system and cache files.

We can’t do anything about the operating system files because they are a must for the phone to run. But we can do something about cache files and cache partition.

On the Moto G, the internal eMMC has a 600 MB cache partition called /cache which is not used by the phone at all. This means there are 600 MB of useless files in the phone which take space. This partition is not used because cache of all apps is stored in /data.

By default, you cannot delete the 600 MB partition but by linking dalvik cache files to the /cache partition, you can free more than 600 MB of space on your phone.

How to get more free space on Moto G

  1. Download Terminal Emulator here.
  2. Download root file explorer here.
  3. Open Terminal Emulator and type in “su” to grant root access.
  4. Then open the file explorer and go to /data.
  5. Move the /dalvik-cache folder to /cache. Merge the two folders if prompted.
  6. Quickly open the Terminal Emulator app and type in ln -s /cache/dalvik-cache /data/dalvik-cache”.
  7. Reboot your phone.

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When the phone boots up, dalvik cache files will be linked to the cache partition. This means that your phone now has 600 MB of free memory.



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