Install Pure SHAMU ROM on the Nexus 6

ROMs are something that for many people are a must in their smartphones. Users buy Android phones because they are so easy to customize and you can easily install custom ROMs, kernels, themes and mods to make them better.

All Android phones have a lot of development support but the Nexus 6 has more than all for the simple fact that it is a Nexus device. Being a phone created by Google, developers prefer the Nexus 6 a lot because the source code is released and they can easily create ROMs and mods.

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For this reason, even though the Nexus 6 is relatively a new phone to the market, there are already plenty of ROMs that you can install. Some are focused on bringing fast performance and good battery life and some are focused on bringing features.

pure shamu rom nexus 6

One ROM which is based on stock AOSP and offers a lot of features is the Pure SHAMU ROM. It is created to be a fast ROM based on stock but with a lot of features.

Pure SHAMU ROM for the Nexus 6 is based on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop and LRX22C build. The ROM offers battery percentage and toggles, location services, double tap to wake and build.prop changes.

It offers custom navigation bar, volume rocker wake toggle, status bar brightness control, kill apps by long pressing the back button and clear all recent apps button.

Install Pure SHAMU ROM on Nexus 6

  1. Download Pure SHAMU ROM here and Gapps here.
  2. Wipe data and cache.
  3. Flash the ROM.
  4. Flash Gapps file.

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Once you have flashed both files, reboot your phone. Enjoy a faster Nexus 6 with more features. Android 5.0.1 Lollipop is the latest version of Android by Google and fixes a lot of bugs that 5.0 has.