How To Fix Galaxy S3 Random Reboots & Freezing Issues

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 random reboots and freezing problem. A lot of users have reported a strange problem with their phones. Based on some of our viewers, their phones freeze for no reason and then they randomly reboot.

This is a frustrating problem because it can happen every time and anywhere. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. It can freeze while watching a video, playing  a video game, calling someone and even when you are simply scrolling between various applications.

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Not only that, but when the Galaxy S3 reboots it losses a lot of battery life. It can lose up to 50% of battery when it freezes and randomly reboots. And since the Galaxy S3 is the most popular Android smartphone even though it is 2 years old, a lot of users are experiencing this.

galaxy s3 random reboots freeze

How to fix random reboots and freezing Galaxy S3 issue


If your Samsung Galaxy S3 is more than 1 year old, the battery is probably degraded and damaged. When a phone is used for a long time, the battery starts to degrade and it doesn’t hold a full charge like it does when the phone is brand new. To fix the freezing random reboots issue you should buy a new Galaxy S3 battery.

Check if battery pins are damaged. The pins can get damaged very easily if you remove the battery a lot. Damaged pins corrupt the battery and make the phone to shut down and freeze.

Safe mode

Boot your phone into Safe mode and see if the problem persists. If the issue is gone when in Safe mode, one of the installed is responsible for the random reboots. The best way to fix it is to delete all applications and install them one by one to see which of them is causing the problem.

Factory reset

The best solution to fix software related issues is full factory reset. A factory reset deletes all installed applications and removes every problem that the firmware might be experiencing. As always, before making a factory reset, make sure to make a full backup if something goes wrong.

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Use cleaning app

A cleaning app is a must for all Android devices. It takes care of your phone by deleting all junk files and keeping the phone fast and smooth.


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