Download CyanogenMod Inc. Boot Animation Logo

Download and install latest CyanogenMod Inc. boot animation logo on your Android device. CyanogenMod is the most popular custom ROM for Android smartphones. If you ask someone what is the best custom ROM, there is a big chance that he will say CyanogenMod.

This ROM is so popular because it supports almost every Android device you can think. It even supports devices which are 4-5 years old. The success of CM is that it is based on stock Android. This means that everyone who is tired from their bloated phones they can easily install CyanogenMod and instantly enjoy pure stock Android.

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The bad thing about skinned Android versions is that they are very bloated, have many installed applications that have no use and the user interface is very heavy. This might not be a huge problem for latest and fastest phones but those devices who are 1 year old definitely feel the heavy firmware.

cyanogenmod inc logo animation

So, most of the users search for a custom ROM which is fast and doesn’t have all those useless applications. And everyone recommends CyanogenMod. Since CM is so popular, CyanogenMod Inc has just been created. CM Inc. is the official company which creates CM builds.

Since now they are a company, they created a new beautiful logo. The new logo is simple yet interesting and eye-catchy. If you like the new logo of CyanogenMod Inc, you can download and flash it as a boot animation. Every CM version has a new boot animation logo.

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Installing this will make your phone unique and will stand out from other CM devices. You can select from different boot animations and install the one you like the most. Download CyanogenMod Inc. boot animation logo here.


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