Download and Install YouTube 6.0.11 APK Material Design

YouTube was the last application from Google that wasn’t updated with Material Design theme. All other applications like Google Maps, Earth, Chrome, Messenger, Google Now Launcher have already received the new design.

Since YouTube is one of the most popular apps, it took Google longer to create a new user interface for the video watching service. But finally, the update is here and all users can update the app directly from the Play Store.

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Of course, the biggest change of YouTube 6.0.11 is the new Material design. Google has built it following Material design guidelines. The old gray navigation bar is now gone and has been replaced with a full height one.

youtube v6.0.11 apk material design

At the main screen, the navigation bar is red, according to YouTube’s red theme. But, when you go to a channel, the color changes according to the channel.

For example, if the channel has a blue themed logo and banner, the navigation bar will also turn blue. On other channels will turn red, orange, yellow, depending on the channel.

Apart from the new Material user interface, YouTube 6.0.11 brings other changes too. SafeSearch filtering is now located inside Settings > General.

The old search option has been renamed to Privacy. Inside Privacy, you can clear watch history, search history and pause search history.

Download YouTube 6.0.11 APK Material Design

The app has been published by Google to the Play Store and you can update right now. Download YouTube 6.0.11 from Play Store.

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If the update hasn’t hit your phone yet, you can download the APK file. Download YouTube 6.0.11 APK.



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