How To Hide Caller ID on Android (Unknown Private Number)

How to hide Caller ID on your Android smartphone and show Unknown or Private number instead of your real number. Security concerns are increasing everyday more and more. Many people are concerned about their privacy.

With all the advancements that technology is experiencing, stealing your identity and your personal information is becoming easier and easier especially if you don’t take all the recommended precautions. No matter how safe a smartphone is considered, there will always be a way to break into it and get all the data.

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The best example is Blackphone. Blackphone has been considered by the manufacturer as the safest and most encrypted phone you can find on the market. Yet, developers managed to root the phone in less than 5 minutes. Rooting a phone that is considered as the safest and most encrypted in just 5 minutes is not a good news for our privacy.

android private number

The first thing you should do regarding your privacy and saving your personal information is to hide your phone number which is also known else as Caller ID. Every time you call someone, the other person will see the number that is calling him.

If it is someone from your friends this is not a big problem but if it is a stranger it can be a huge problem because that person can track you simply using your phone number. This can be easily done especially if the right equipments are available.

So the first thing you should do is to hide your phone number and your Caller ID. When you hide your Caller ID, the person who receives your phone call will simply see Unknown Number or Private Number. So, you can call the other person without him knowing your number.


To hide caller ID on Android smartphones, open the dialer app, open Settings > Call > Additional Settings. There are a few options like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Auto area code and more. Click Caller ID. There will be three options available: Network Default, Hide Number and Show Number. Select Hide Number and click OK and reboot your phone. This method works on all Android devices including Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, LG and HTC One. For as long your carrier supports this feature, you can do it.

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Now, every time you call somebody, they will simply see Unknown or Private Number. There are other ways to hide your number like typing a special number before the number you want to call but this method is not as good because you have to type that number every time while selecting Hide Number from the phone settings will always hide your Caller ID.


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