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Install File Manager with Android L Material Design

file explorer material design download
Download File Explorer with Android L theme and Material Design. Since the release of Android L which introduced a new design for the operating system...

Download Calendar App With Material Design Android L Theme

calendar android l theme material design
Download and get calendar app with Material Design Android L theme. Lately, more and more apps for Android phones are implementing Material Design, the new...

Download New Calculator App with Material Design Android L

calculator material design
Download and install the latest calculator application with Android L theme Material Design on your Android devices. As it has been said a lot...

Install Apollo Music Player Material Design Android L

android l apollo
Download Apollo music player with Android L Material Design. Apollo is a popular music player created by the CyanogenMod team, the same people who...

Android L Mod System Theme & Apps For Nexus 4

android l theme apps nexus 4
In this article we are going to learn how to download and install Android L System theme mod and applications on the Nexus 5....

How To Install Android L Theme on Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is one of the most popular and used launchers for Android devices. It is mainly used on Nexus devices like the Nexus...