Download New Calculator App with Material Design Android L

Download and install the latest calculator application with Android L theme Material Design on your Android devices. As it has been said a lot of times now, the biggest change that Android L has over Android 4.4 KitKat is the new improved and redesigned user experience.

The new color scheme is a lot richer than previous version of Android. KitKat 4.4 used the white color for everything including status bar icons, transition effects and more, while Android L uses a lot of colors. For example, the status bar changes colors according to the app that is being used.

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If app’s main color is red then the status bar will turn red. If app’s main color is green, the status bar will turn green and so on. Another place where the new user interface is very noticeable are stock applications. The dialer, messaging app and calculator are rich in colors.

You can already download and install many Android L applications like Apollo with Material Design (link), lock screen (link), Android L theme (link) and also browser and dialer app (links on the suggested articles).

calculator material design

Now, it is time for Android L calculator to be installed on your Android device. There was another application with Material Design which was available on the Play Store a few weeks ago but the developer removed the application for no reason.

If you missed that application, a newer and better calculator based on Android L theme with Material Design is here. The app called Numix follows the Material Design guidelines as much as possible to offer you the best Android L experience.

The app, besides basic functions, it supports panels for advanced trigonometric functions. Simply swipe to the left and to the right to open the advanced panels for more complicated functions. Some useful panels are included like Dec, Bin and Hex.

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Download Numix calculator with Android L theme Material design here.


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