How To Record Slow Motion Videos on Samsung Galaxy S6

With each generation of modern phones, every specification is getting better. Processors are getting faster, RAM memory is increasing and displays are carrying millions of pixels. Attempts are made even on the battery department. Scientists are looking for new technologies to increase battery life and make smartphones last longer.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge aren’t the best when it comes to battery life as they both perform worse than the Galaxy S5. However, when it comes to camera quality, the Galaxy S6 and its brother are the indisputable kings. Coming with a much more improved 16 MP sensor, the Galaxy S6 is the device to beat. There is no other smartphone that comes close to S6’s camera quality. It has been considered as the device with the best camera sensor.

Having the best camera quality is not the only reason why the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are so popular. Samsung made sure to include a few handy options. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge can record slow motion videos. This feature was introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S5 but it has been improved since then. On the Galaxy S5, you had to choose first the speed of the video you wanted to record and then start recording it.

This feature works differently on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The phone records the video on full speed first and then you can choose what part of the video to turn into slow motion. And unlike the Galaxy S5, there is sound on the Galaxy S6.

How to enable and record slow motion videos on Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

  1. Take your phone, unlock it and launch the camera app.
  2. At the bottom left of the screen, tap the “Mode” icon.
  3. From all the options available choose Slow Motion.
  4. Record a video.
  5. Go to the gallery and open the video.
  6. Tap the three dots on the middle of the video.
  7. Now you can trim the video and select which part of it is in slow motion.
  8. Then click on “Export” and you have a slow motion video recorded on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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