Lockdown Pro 2.0 APK With Material Design Download and Install

If you have ever been concerned about the security of your Android phone, then you should have heard about Lockdown Pro. It is an application that locks your apps. It can either secure them with a PIN code or make them crash every time sometimes tries to access your applications.

We all have that friend that always checks your phone. He asks you to give him your phone so he can make a call and then he starts opening your apps without your permission. This way your friend can easily access your private accounts and contact list.

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But this is not useful only with your friend. If someone steals your phone and opens your programs to find anything useful, he either will have to enter the PIN code or the app will crash.

lockdown pro 2 apk security material design

That’s what is unique about Lockdown Pro v2.0. You can lock all your apps so when you open them, it will require a PIN code. You can select which apps to protect and which apps to leave unprotected.

If you don’t like the idea of setting a PIN code for certain apps, Lockdown Pro has an option called Fake Cover. All selected apps with this option will fake force close when someone tries to launch them. The app can hide pictures and can back up registered apps to your Google Drive account.

Recently, Lockdown Pro has received an update to v2.0.3 which brings Material Design and new features. The new user interface has been changed to suit Material Design and a new ripple effect has been added. You can also unlock your apps using your smartwatch.

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It is the ideal app if you want your apps to be secure and safe. Download Lockdown Pro v2.0.3 APK.


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