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Another emailing app has been created and published by Google. Unless you have lived under a rock for 10 years, you know what Gmail is. It is the most popular and secure emailing service.

There are other popular emailing services like Yahoo Mail and Outlook but Gmail is simply better and overall more secure. For comparison, Yahoo had over 250 million active users in 2012 while Gmail had more than 400 million.

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This Google mail service has a few features like splitting emails in three categories: Primary, Social and Promotions. The Primary category is the place where all your important emails will be stored, Social is about all social emails from Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Promotions takes care about emails which offer discounts and special prices.

gmail inbox google apk

Looks like Google is not happy with the services of Gmail though, that’s why the tech giant is releasing another similar app called Inbox. This app will have the same functionalities of Gmail but better.

Inbox has bundles which will make you more organized. Bundle organizes similar emails to a group. If you receive emails about bills or purchase receipts, Inbox will group them together so the user will have it easier to find them.

You can also select which emails you want to see grouped together. Another feature called Highlights, notes the most important part of the email. If you receive en email about your flight, the app will highlight the flight time and location.

The Inbox app is the same as Gmail but with more features which will make you more productive when sending and receiving emails.

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Download Inbox app

At the moment, Inbox cannot be downloaded from the Play Store because Google hasn’t officially published it yet.

However, Google will be sending invites to everyone with a Gmail account. If you haven’t received the email, you can email [email protected] and request an invitation to download Inbox.


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