How To Root Nexus 5X & Install SuperSU

The best thing after buying the Nexus 5X is of course, rooting it. The majority of users that buy Android phones root them as soon as they get the chance. And the LG Nexus 5X is a piece of cake to root. The bootloader is easily unlockable and a custom recovery can be installed in two seconds.

With root access you gain full control over your phone. You can overclock, undervolt, improve performance and increase battery life, install mods and much more. The rooting method below involves SuperSU, which is used by millions of Android users around the world. It is the best and most reliable piece of software for those who want root access.

Follow the guide below to learn how to root your Nexus 5X and install SuperSU to gain full advantage of the phone.

How to root and install SuperSU on Nexus 5X

To root your Nexus 5X, you need the SuperSU zip file and a custom recovery such as TWRP

  • Download SuperSU (link)
  • How to install TWRP (how to)
  1. Download ‘’ and move it to the internal storage of your Nexus 5X.
  2. Turn the phone off. Press volume down and power buttons to boot into fastboot mode. There, select recovery to boot into custom recovery.
  3. From there, make a Nandroid backup in case something goes wrong.
  4. Go to install and find the SuperSU file.
  5. Swipe to flash.

Wait for the phone to flash the SuperSU file. Then, reboot your phone. You will notice a new SuperSU app on the app drawer. This is the app that grants root access.