Enable Floating Apps on Android With Tiny Apps

Since Samsung announced its Multi Window feature on the Galaxy Note series and later on the Galaxy S series, everyone has gone crazy about it. Other Android manufactures like LG started to include the same feature on their devices. The only difference is that it is named differently.

With each release of a new Galaxy Note variant, Samsung makes the Multi Window feature even better, perfecting it to the maximum. At the beginning, you could open and use two apps at the same, then four apps at the same time. Now, you can use unlimited amount of apps thanks to floating apps.

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Floating apps is a neat feature which minimizes the app in the form of a small circle. For example, if you are using one app and suddenly you have to open another app, you can minimize the current app making it a small floating circle which you can easily access later and continue exactly where you left it.

floating icon apps android

You can open as many applications as you want and turn them into floating apps. This will increase performance and productivity because everything will be done quicker and faster than before. Tiny Apps is an application which does exactly this.

Since Multi Window is limited only to Samsung phones and a few other manufacturers, the best way to get floating icon apps on your Android is by installing a third-party app. Tiny Apps is an application which enables the ability to minimize system apps to small floating icons so you can easily access them.

It is a very useful app to have on your phone. The only downside of Tiny Apps at the moment is that it can turn into floating icons only system apps like Notes, Audio Recorder, Browser, Music Player, Stopwatch, Video Player, Widgets, Calculator, File Explorer and Contacts.

However, there might be an update in the future which can add support for third-party apps like Facebook and YouTube. The app is very easy to use.

Download Tiny Apps here.

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Launch the app once you download and install it. Then, choose all the apps you want to use. Small floating circles will appear on the screen. You can customize them by making them smaller, bigger and move the windows around the screen.

Once you are done with any of the apps, simply press the “X” which is located at the top right of each window to close it.


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