Edit Your Facebook Posts & Comments Thanks To New Android App Update

Have you ever been mad for not being able to edit your Facebook posts or comments after you have published them? Thanks to the new Facebook app update now you can easily do so. This app update currently is available only for Android and it is coming soon to iOS. Web version of Facebook has also received this update.

Editing your posts is very simple. You have to tap your post and then an icon will appear. Click “Edit Post” or “Edit Comment”, depending on what you want to edit. Then simply change content of the post and then click “Done Editing.” Simple as that. A cool thing is that you can also see your edit history. This means that you can see what was the comment like before it was edited.


If you have ever commented or posted something and you notice a small typo that you want to get rid of, be sure to download the updated Facebook app for Android here.

Do you think that being able to edit your comment & posts is a useful feature?