Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Drop Test: It shatters

The latest flagship phablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3 has just been released and it got already drop tested. The Galaxy Note 3 has Faux Leather, which gives the device a more premium feel to it than plastic, a material that Samsung loves to use on their smartphones.

This drop test though, didn’t go too well. Actually, the Galaxy Note 3 fared pretty well in the back drop test, as it got only a few scratches around the camera lens. Even on the side drop test, it just got scratched more but the real deal was the front drop test.


Being bigger, the phone has more chances to crack as the screen is bigger and actually it cracked. The whole screen got shattered but the touchscreen was still working.

To sum up, the Galaxy Note 3 is a beautiful phone but it is also big, so it is more prone to be cracked if it falls on the floor so a protective case is a must if you want to keep your phone in a pristine condition for a long time



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