Perseus kernel for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Perseus is one of the most popular kernels currently available for the Galaxy Note 2. It is developed by the recognized developer AndreiLux. Andrei doesn’t think that giving users more choices is a very smart thing to do.

As such you won’t find a dozen of different governors or twenty different settings for this kernel. There is a optimal, or at least, most optimal setting on which the devices operate both in terms of performance and power management.


For the average user this kernel will brings lots of benefits to battery life, screen improvement, fluidity and sound enhancements without having to set up any of the configurations.

The kernel comes with a configuration application called STweaks, and is installed automatically with the kernel. You will find all advanced options in there. Through STweaks you can overclock the CPU, GPU, change charging current and many other things.

Follow the guide below on how to install Perseus kernel:
1. Download Perseus kernel for Galaxy Note 2 here
2. Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
3. Recovery mode will be loaded.
4. There go to install zip file and select Perseus kernel.
5. Wait till the installation process is over.
6. That’s it.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below.


  1. hello ronaldo, i have already installed the kernel because i found that it would be the solution for SDS in my note 2, once i installed the kernel i reboot but the cellphone never launch the SO, after installing the kernel i have to install a rom? If so, the cellphone will keep the perseus kernel after installing the rom?

    • It depends. If the rom has a kernel included, the current kernel your phone has will be replaced. The best thing before flashing a kernel is to wipe cashes. However, Perseus doesn’t work on CyanogenMod, it works only on stock Samsung roms.


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