How To Check The Manufacturing Date of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Hardware and Software Information)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the newest smart phone from the Korean company, Samsung. It has been launched only a few months ago and it is one of Samsung’s most sold handset.

One thing to look for before buying a Samsung Galaxy S5 is the software version and the hardware information. Software version and hardware information are very important because they tell you what firmware the phone is using and also the date when the phone has been manufactured (produced).

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It is important because if you buy a new Galaxy S5 many months after the release date, you should know if the device is new or old.


You may buy the device, let’s say in December but the phone has actually been manufactured (created) in June. Usually, manufactures improve their flagship devices by fixing minor hardware and software problems.

For example, early Galaxy S5 units might have body quality problems while units manufactured later don’t have this problem.

This is one strong reason why you should check the software version and hardware information of your Samsung Galaxy S5. To do so, go to the “Phone” application and dial the following number: *#12580*369# and “Main Version” page will automatically appear.

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There are a few words like AP, CP, CSC, RF Cal and HW Rev. However, the most important ones are AP and RF Cal.

AP shows the firmware version that your phone is currently running whereas RF Cal shows the manufacturing date of the device. In my case, the date is 2014.5.7, so my Galaxy S5 unit has been produced on 7 May of this year.