Install Wanam Xposed Module on TouchWiz Lollipop ROMs

Wanam Xposed is a popular module for Galaxy devices running on stock TouchWiz ROMs with Xposed framework installed. Xposed is a framework for Android devices based on modules, where each module modifies a certain part of the system which can be for aesthetic or performance reasons.

TouchWiz Lollipop ROMs aren’t very easy to customize, especially if it is a stock firmware and not a custom ROM. For those users who want to have extra features but do not want to flash a custom ROM, Wanam Xposed module is the ideal choice. Wanam Xposed adds plenty of custom ROM features that you can find on a complete Wanam ROM for Galaxy devices.

Recently, the module has been updated to support Android Lollipop TouchWiz ROMs. The module adds new settings like circle battery, clock position, private mode and S Health support, extended power menu, expanded notifications, removed S Finder and Quick Connect buttons from the notification menu, expanded volume panel, skip songs using volume buttons and custom CSC features. The module is on early stages and more features will be added soon.

How To Install Wanam Xposed Module on Android Lollipop TouchWiz ROMs

  1. To use the module, you must install Xposed framework first. We have a detailed article on how to install Xposed on TouchWiz Lollipop.
  2. Make sure that Xposed is up and running on your Galaxy phone.
  3. Download Wanam Xposed for Lollipop.
  4. Download the APK file from the link above and install it.
  5. Now head over to the app drawer and open Xposed Installer. Go to the “Modules” section and enable Xposed module.
  6. Reboot your phone for the module to work.

You can customize the module to change certain parts of the system.


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