Install Galaxy Note 4 Weather Widget on Galaxy Note 3

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and want to try out the new features of the Galaxy Note 3, you can download the official accuweather weather widget app. The system dump got released a few days ago and developers quickly extracted all the goodies of the firmware.

You can download and install the Galaxy Note 4 app pack which contains almost every single app that the phone has. But they aren’t optimized and have a lot of bugs and problems. Some of them are very laggy and some of them force close and make the phone unusable until you reboot it.

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But the weather widget of the Note 4 is supposed to work fine on the Galaxy Note 3. A developer took the Note 4 weather widget and posted it on Note 3 development forums. First users that have installed it are reporting good things until now. No major problems except a few glitches here and there.

galaxy note 4 weather widget galaxy note 3 ported

Download Galaxy Note 4 weather widget for Galaxy Note 3 here. The new weather is simpler and doesn’t have background images because the background is now completely transparent. There was an option on the Galaxy S5 that allowed you to change transparency.

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To install the app, move the file to your Galaxy Note 3, enter Recovery mode and flash the zip file. Stay tuned because more articles about the Galaxy Note 4 are coming soon.



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