How To Boost Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Speaker Volume?

There have been many complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 having a weak and quiet speaker. This is a big problem for some people, as they can’t hear anything  in crowed places.

Fortunately, thanks to the flexibility of Android, you can greatly boost the volume of your Galaxy Note 3. And not just the speaker. You can also boost the volume of FM Headsets,  Video Call Speakers, Call Headset and many more!


How to boost Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Volume?
1.Download the Zip file from XDA here. There are three Zip files to choose from. One of them increases the volume a lot and the other two increase the volume a little bit less. Choose the one you want.
2. Go to Recovery Mode (Home + Power + Volume Up buttons)
3. Go to install Zip file from sdcard.
4. Find the Zip file you downloaded and select it.
5. Select Install Zip.

Note: This mod is available only for the Qualcomm variant.

After installing the Zip file, your phone will automatically reboot. Then just play a song and you’ll notice the difference.


  1. Hi have downloaded the zip file from ur site however in recovery mode on my note 3 9005 when I select install from external I can see my sd card data but not the zip file in the location its downloaded kindly reply as to how do I find it thanks.


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