Does your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have display problems?

Recently, many users are reporting display problems with their Samsung Galaxy Note 3. More specifically, it is about displaying wrong colors on black backgrounds. A Galaxy Note 3 user says that its phone displays a green color with black lines, especially when the background is dark.

Apparently, this is a problem with the display in some Galaxy Note 3 units.¬†This is causing many complaints because this “tint” is very visible and distracting. But that is not all.


Samsung is not accepting to replace these faulty units with new ones. Do you have this problem? The best way to check it out is by going to a dark background. See an example at the picture above. You can clearly see the green color on Chrome’s background. If you have noticed this problem, did Samsung replace your phone?


  1. I have started getting the display screen green for two weeks now. I have to restart the phone to get it back to normal. It turns green after every 2 to 3 days. What do I do ?


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