Top Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems And How To Fix Them

Here are some of the most common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 is without any doubts a great device. It has a gorgeous display, blazing fast processor and water-resistant body. But no matter how good the device is, there will always be some problems with it. Like every other smart phone, the Galaxy S5 has its own problems. Here are the most common issues with the GS5 and how to fix them.

Battery Drain on Standby


There have been a lot of complaining regarding the battery life. Many are saying that their device is using battery even though the phone is turned off and in deep sleep.In some cases the device has lost 20% battery overnight. One thing that might be causing this is Sync Programs.

Even though the phone is not being used and the screen is off, these programs can wake the phone for a few moments to synchronize various features such as time, messages, contacts and emails. To prevent this from happening, go to Settings and disable Sync.

Battery & Processor Overheating


Like the battery drain was not enough already, now comes another problem: Battery Overheating. Many people are reporting their Galaxy S5 gets very hot up to 50 degrees C. If you want to check out the battery temperature, open the Phone app and dial *#*#4636#*#*. This will open the “Testing” menu. Go to battery information and there you will see the battery temperature.

Battery overheating can be caused for various reasons. First of all check if there is any app o the background which is using the processor intensively. Also, turn off your Wifi, Bluetooth and Data Mobile connection when you are not using them or when you don’t have strong signal. Having low signal means the phone uses a lot of the CPU to make the connection stronger.

Video Recording Not Working


Video recording is one of the most important features of a smart phone camera. If it doesn’t work, it breaks the purpose of having a camera in a smart phone. This thing is happening with some Galaxy S5 units. When you try to switch from Camera mode to Video Recording mode, a warning will appear saying “Warning, Record failed”.

Most of the times this is a hardware problem but it also might be software related. Go to Settings > Application Manager and select the Camera app. There wipe cache and data and reboot your phone. Once it has fully booted, try to open the camera app again. This time video recording should work.

Screen Wakeup LagSamsung-Galaxy-S5

What is the purpose of having  a fast smart phone with high-end specs when it lags on even most basic things such as turning the screen on? Some users are reporting screen wakeup lag with their devices. It takes almost 5 seconds for the screen to turn on since the moment of pressing the power button.

This might be a deep sleep problem where the device is on but it acts like it is turned off. The CPU is not used at all and the battery consumption is very small. The only way to fix this is to reboot the phone,

Screen Rotation Issues


Isn’t screen rotating feature working properly? Here are a few things to do. First of all, obviously, go to Settings and check if Screen Rotation option is enabled. Then, turn of the phone, remove the battery and wait for 30 seconds before putting it back in.

If that didn’t work, the last thing to do is to open the Dialer and call *#0*# to open the Testing menu. Then go to Sensors and check if the Gyroscope sensor is working. If it isn’t working, then it is a hardware problem and you should send it back.


  1. I’m still having issues with recording videos. I tried every possible tip that is on the Web. I have the new Samsung 5

      • I had this same issue. I took the phone back to the store and they gave me a replacement phone. I still had the same problem with the new phone. I realized later that the external sd card I transferred from my old phone was only Class 2. This phone writes faster than a class 2 can handle when recording video. If you have an external sd card I would recommend checking the class. If I take out the sd card so that the video cam saves the file on internal memory then it works fine. It also works with a class 10 card.

  2. My phone often freezes after I wanted to pull it out of the standby mode. I put it in standby by pressing the on/off button. And when I see an image it look like a coloured snow screen. I have to pull out the battery and rstart to work properly again..

  3. Hi all, I’ve bought my S5 two months ago. Until a week ago, my device has an LCD problem (or I thought so) because the color of the screen changed and if I tap-tap the screen it backs to normal. And as if the LCD problem isn’t enough my S5 was suddenly death (by now it has been 4 hours). I don’t know why and how it could be happened. I just used it to check my messages and suddenly it freeze, and then I tried to do the hard restart (because the home button didn’t work), and….it didn’t turn on. I tried to connect the charger and recharging, but it didn’t respond. Right now I really feel disappointed because I never let my S5 dropped or pressed so hard or bumped into something. Anybody have an idea to fix it?

  4. when i watch playbacks of videos that i have recorded i hear a hissing background noise even when i’m recording in a completely silent room, like the microphone is low quality or something. but when i do voice recordings it sounds clear. how do i fix this?

  5. Hi,

    Ive been recording videos for sometime and the device seemed to be working perfectly fine. Just a few days back I used my phone to record a video. I tried to see how the recording was and opened the video through MX Player. The sound throught the video was the only thing I could hear. The video was just stuck at the first frame. I thought it was a glitch and i rebooted my phone and recorded a few more. I noticed that for videos over one minuter all i could hear was the sound. Please help me out. I use my phone for recording almost everything. It would be great to get a solution to this

  6. Gyro/screen rotation fix. I’m a carpenter, my phone gets beat, is around heavy magnetic interference (running power tools), extreme heavy, rain, etc. So i figured i broke the gyro one of the last times i dropped it (as the gyro is what causes screen rotation). On a whim, after seeing others with this problem after an update, i found the update labeled “Software Update” in the “Application Manager” and clicked “Force Stop” then i reset the phone. My phone works like it’s supposed to now. FYI, I’ve been doing every type of reset and power down the past two days. So it wasn’t the reset. The reset this time was for the Force Stop of the app to reactivate in a normal startup. Let me know if this helps anyone. There are three updates. Only one always a force stop. That’s the only one i touched.

    • Joe thanks for the tip. Can’t believe it was this easy after researching for a year or so. This did the trick. Once I found the system apps I had two software updates running. I did the force stop the rebooted and removed battery. I did not have to do a reset. So far so good. Thanks

  7. My S5 is having the gyro problem. I tried entering the number but I guess they took the menu away because it won’t pull up

  8. I had problems with gyroscope probably for quite sometime but I just don’t care until I need to use it in landscape and it won’t rotate. If i restart my phone the gyro will start but will stop again after a while. Based from my observation it looks like it overheats before it stops so I removed the TPU case and since then the gyro does not stop anymore.

    • While on the phone to customer support, I was waving the phone around and watched the gyroscope change from not working to working. The gyro seems to go to sleep. You just need to wave it to and from 3 time, twist back and forth 3 times, then wave size to side three times. Two cycles and it’s fixed. Might take three cycles. Irritating… but it works.


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