Top 3 Tech Mistakes You Should Never Make

Here are three tech mistakes that you should never make. Technology and tech devices are becoming an important part of our lives. We use every kind of devices such as smartphones and tablets to complete our daily tasks faster. However, do you properly use them? There are a lot of mistakes that you should never make. Here are three important ones.

Leaving the House with 50% Battery


Using tech devices out of the house is normal. You leave the house with only 50% battery left and after a few moments you start having an important online conversation. Everything is good when suddenly, the battery dies. You may think that 50% battery will be enough when leaving the house. It is not. Even if you think you are not going to use your phone a lot.

You never know what it is going to happen. Maybe you start having an important conversation or you forgot your camera and have to use your phone instead. Never leave the house without fully charging your phone.

Letting your Child Play With Your Tech Devices


Accept it. You always let your kids to play with your smart phone because you just can’t handle hearing them cry. It is a lot simpler to just give them your phone than singing a song to make them stop crying, especially if you are busy. This might look like a good idea but it is not. Kids don’t know what they are doing.

When stuck in a game, they can buy extra lives or levels from in app purchases that may cost you a fortune. There have been many cases of kids that have spent thousand of dollars in applications and their parents weren’t able to take the money back.

Don’t Leave Your Devices Charge All Night


Most of you always complain about the short battery life of tech devices. It is true that they don’t last for a long time (Less than one day) but if you also don’t charge them properly, they lifespan can decrease a lot. One bad habit that smart phone users have is leaving the phone on the charger all night long.

This means that they are on constant charging for about 6-8 hours and they require only 1.5.-2 hours to fully charge. That isn’t good for batteries. That might cause overcharging and decrease their life. A good idea is to wake up early in the morning, one or two hours then you usually wake up and put your phone to charge.

Have you ever done any of these mistakes above? Everyone makes the last mistake because it is more convenient to charge your phone directly when you go to phone than rather wake up early in the morning.


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