Samsung KNOX: Should you root your phone and will warranty be voided

Android is a very flexible operating system which you can edit and customize it as you want according to your preferences. You can do all this thanks to Android Open Source. That means that everyone can use and edit Android OS for different devices.

However, Samsung has recently launched a security software app called KNOX. Samsung KNOX is an application designed to protect your device and all datia, photos and music in it and it available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well as for the Galaxy S4 which received this app in the last update.


But there’s a problem. Samsung KNOX detects if your phone is or has been rooted and it will change the warranty counter from 0x0 to 0x1. So if you root your phone your warranty will be voided and you can’t set it back to 0x0.

So should you root your phone with Samsung KNOX if warranty will be voided? Yes and No. In most of the cases your warranty will be voided, but in some countries your phone will be under warranty even though it rooted. Make sure to see if your store accepts rooted phones.

To sum up, if you want to root your device and flash different firmwares & kernels and don’t care about the warranty, go ahead and root it.  But if you want your warranty, don’t root it just yet till someone finds a way to revert Samsung KNOX’s warranty counter.


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