Official Game Pad (Controller) for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

With that huge 5.7″ FullHD screen the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has, it is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones you can find at the moment for gaming.

However,  even though it has such a huge screen, playing with touch controls is not fun, especially if you are playing first-person shooter games like Modern Combat 4 or Call of Duty.

In this case, a game pad is really needed if you want to fully enjoy the gaming experience your Galaxy Note 3 offers. That’s why Samsung has released an official Galaxy Note 3 Game Pad.


As every other controller, this game pad has 2 joysticks, a D Pad and 4 action buttons. The layout of the 2 joysticks is the same as on XBox controllers.

On the bottom it has 3 buttons: select,  play and on/off switch. For the best gaming experience, the game pad also has a holder which is going to hold your Note 3, just like Moga controllers or the Nvidia Shield.

Samsung has already released this game pad in UK for £80 ($160) and will make it available for other countries in the following days. Do you think £80 is a right price for this controller or is it a bit pricey?



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