How To Get iOS 8 Interactive Notifications on Android Devices

How to get iOS 8 Interactive Notifications on Android devices? “Interactive Notifications” is a new feature presented on iOS 8 which is designed to make everything more productive and and message faster then ever.

For example, without Interactive Notifications, every time you receive a new notification like a message or email and you want to reply back, you have to press the received message to open the Message app in order to wrote your answer.

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This means that you will have to stop doing whatever job you were doing at the moment. However, with Interactive Notifications, whenever you receive a new message or email, you still have to tap the message in order to reply but the Message app will not open.


Instead, a small window will appear where you can easily type your answer. This means that you won’t have to quit your current application you were surfing just to reply back.

This feature was presented on iOS 8 but Android developers quickly created a similar feature for all Android devices called Heads Up Notifications. Heads Up Notifications basically works the same way as Interactive Notifications on iOS 8. You receive a message, you click it and a small window will appear where you can easily reply.

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This feature has been created and implemented on CyanogenMOD 11 custom ROM builds. If you also want Interactive Notifications on your Android, go over to CyanogenMOD’s download page and download the latest Nightly build currently available for your device.