Repair Corrupted Videos Android

Here’s how to easily fix corrupted, broken and damaged videos on your Android smartphone. Smartphones have become very important parts of our lives. They make our lives a lot better and easier. They help up to do things that we normally couldn’t do without them.

Besides the main functionalities of a smartphone which are calling and texting, they can also do a lot more things. We use them to surf the web, talk to our relatives who are far away, play games, watch online videos, take photos and capture videos.

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While surfing the web and accessing social networks is something important, recorded videos and photos are a lot more important. Nowadays, smartphones have replace professional DSLR cameras. We use our phones to record various videos, starting from random videos which don’t have a lot of significance to important videos like birthdays, weddings which are a family memory.

Repair Corrupted Videos Android

The problem with Android smartphones is that if you are recording a video and the phone suddenly shuts off because of low battery or other reasons, the video will get corrupted. If you were recording a video for 10 minutes, all the footage is lost because the video is corrupted or damaged and until now, there weren’t many solutions to this important problem.

A genius app has been released from a member of XDA-Developers which allows you to repair all corrupted videos that have been taken with your phone. Corrupted videos are those files that when you try to open them, Can’t play this video error shows up.

The way this app works is simple. You need to have the corrupted video and another reference video recorded again with your phone. Select the two videos and the app with fix the corrupted one. This has been tested by many users and based on their reviews, it works.

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The app was able to repair damaged videos that other software applications weren’t able to do so. If you want to repair damaged and corrupted videos on your Android smartphone, check out the app here.

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