Boot Multiple ROMs on Sony Xperia T & TX (Multiboot)

Now you can boot multiple custom ROMS on your Sony Xperia T, TX and other variants thanks to kexec hardboot patch. Kexec has been used for a long time now on different Android devices to boot more than a single custom ROM which is called multiboot.

Kexec is probably the best way to flash multiple ROMs on your Sony Xperia TX. This process has been tested on other Xperia TX devices and it has worked fine. This kexec hardboot patch is ported from the Sony Xperia M variant and until now, users who have tested it have said that it works without any problems.

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The good thing of kexec is that you don’t need to install the second custom ROM on your phone. You can simply put the second ROM on your memory card and you can run it on your Xperia T, TX. The process isn’t very complicated and every step of the process has been explained in detail.

multiboot xperia t tx

How to boot multiple ROMs on your Sony Xperia TX (multiboot)


  • Custom ROM with “kexec hardboot” patched kernel. Some suggested ROMs are OmniROM and Carbon builds
  • A little bit of knowledge about Android files and modifying
  • A memory card which will have the second ROM. A ROM is about 4 GB big so it recommended to have a bigger MicroSD card than 4 GB

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Once you have all the recommended things above, you can continue with the tutorial. For a very detailed and correct tutorial go to XDA’s official thread for Xperia TX multiboot. As said, the tutorial is a little bit long but if you carefully follow the instructions you will have a Xperia T and all T versions capable of booting multiple ROMs.