How To Fix LG G2 No Recovery And No Download Mode Issue (Unbrick Bricked LG G2)

How to fix a bricked LG G2 which doesn’t show recovery or download mode. The LG G2 is the predecessor of the LG G3 but this didn’t stop users from buying it. It has great specifications that many users love.

Since it is an Android phone, there is a chance that it can get bricked when the user does something wrong. Installing the wrong custom ROM or the phone turning off during the installation process are a few common reasons that the device can get bricked.

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When the LG G2 gets bricked, it doesn’t go to download mode or recovery. Basically, it is a completely dead device because you can’t go to Recovery mode to flash a new ROM. Fortunately, a user over at XDA has found a genius way to unbrick your LG G2.

unbrick lg g2 no recovery download

Basically, if you have the following symptoms and your phone is bricked, there is a chance that you can unbrick it.

  • The phone is rooted
  • It has received the OTA update
  • No recovery mode
  • No download mode
  • Secure booting error
  • Phone is shown as qhsusb_bulk in Device Manager
  • The phone shows only the LG logo during the boot animation and then turns off.

In order to fix and unbrick your LG G2, you need to download a few files and a special TWRP recovery which will be used to flash the files.

The guide works on all LG G2 models, you only need to download the appropriate files for your device model.

  • LG G2 D800 AT&T
  • LG G2 D802 Europe
  • LG G2 D802TA Australia
  • LG G2 D803 Canada
  • LG G2 VS980 Verizon
  • LG G2 LS980 Sprint

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The guide is a little complicated because you will have to mess around with sectors of the phone but it is well worth it because it makes your phone live again.

To learn how to unbrick your LG G2, follow the full guide here.


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    • I got my device stucked on LG logo. I can’t enter download mode. In device manager it says LGE Mobile USB serial port installed but not LGE MTP Driver. I tried minimal adb and fastboot it says waiting for device. Same issue ?


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