Download Galaxy S5 Lockscreen Wallpapers (Colorful & Blue)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has just been released in Barcelona this week and it brought plenty of new features and innovations. One of these changes was the lock screen wallpaper too. On the Galaxy S4, the lock screen was a very colorful photo of balloons. It was bright, beautiful and colorful. For some, it was a heavy and very complicated wallpaper.

Now, on the Galaxy S5 you have 2 new wallpapers. The first one is very colorful and abstract. Being abstract, it will help to blend in better with your phone’s user interface.

It is the ideal wallpaper for the lock screen. Next, there is also another wallpaper. It has the same abstract pattern as the first one but the color is a light blue and not as colorful as the first one.

This is ideal to be used as home screen wallpaper because it won’t distract you thanks to its lighter and not very colorful color.

Galaxy-S5-Wallpaper-Lockscreen Galaxy-S5-Wallpaper-Lockscreen-Blue














There are more wallpapers from the Samsung Galaxy S5 which are going to be released later as a full wallpaper pack. Nonetheless, these are very beautiful and will look very nice on every smartphone. However, a device with AMOLED  display would be a better choice for the colorful wallpaper as it shows more vibrant colors. Enjoy these two pictures until the release of full Galaxy S5 wallpaper pack.

Download Colorful pic here and Blue pic here.


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