Why Nexus 6P Sucks & You Shouldn’t Buy It

Google officially announced the Nexus 6P on September 29. It is the successor of the Nexus 6 and Google’s flagship for this year, alongside the cheaper Nexus 5X. This time Google worked with Huawei to bring users a powerful and relatively cheap Nexus 6P.

The Nexus 6P has some really interesting specifications and details which make it an awesome phone. It comes with a QHD display, fingerprint scanner and more, but we will cover this on another article talking about why you should buy the Nexus 6P. This article is all about the negative details of the Nexus 6P which might prevent you from buying it.

nexus 6p marshmallow

Everyone has its own opinions so you might not agree with the things which are said below. If you have another option, please leave a comment below explaining why you agree or do not agree with the article.

Snapdragon 810 processor

First of all, lets talk about the chipset that powers Google’s latest device. Underneath the hood is located a Snapdragon 810 chipset which consists of four Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.55 GHz, four Cortex-A57 cores clocked at 2.0 GHz and Adreno 430 graphics card.

While the Snapdragon 810 is a very powerful chipset, it is known to suffer from overheating issues. There are other flagships on the market which are equipped with Snapdragon 810 and all have suffered from temperature problems, despite manufacturers’ efforts of fixing the issue through OTA updates.

We can see why Google went with this chipset though. Snapdragon is a very popular chipset maker and developers know it well, so it will be very easy for them to customize software for the phone.

Update: While the Nexus 6P runs on the Snapdragon 810 chipset, it is reported to be the coolest running device yet. Not all 810 chipsets are coded the same and appears that the Nexus 6P is not affected by overheating issues.

USB Type C connector

nexus 6p usb type c

More companies are choosing USB Type C connector for their devices. After OnePlus 2, Nexus 6P is the next phone to feature a USB Type C port. While this type of connector is more capable than the standard Micro USB connector, it might be a problem if you are a long time Android user.

If you have owned many Android devices in the past, you probably never had a missing USB cable to charge your phone. That’s because all Android phones come with the standard Micro USB port. If you lose your cable, then you can easily find another one.

If you lose, forget or damage the USB Type C cable of your Nexus 6P, you will be in a tough situation because these cables aren’t exactly the easiest to find. This situation might be better in the future when more phones will start including the new port, but for now it will be a problem.


  1. The USB type C port is soon to become the new standard. Not for iPhones, of course, but it will be fully adopted by almost all android devices in a couple of years I am sure. It is better in every way…no question. It is reversible, faster charging and data transfer, and better durability. It is no reason for you not to buy this amazing phone.

  2. Tons of reviews have shown the 810 does not overheat in the 6P. Further “Snapdragon” doesn’t make anything. Qualcomm makes the 810.

  3. Wow! Your only two reasons for not buying this phone are non-issues. You retracted your first reason about the CPU running hot. And your second reason is for not buying the phone is simply retarded. Pretty much every flagship phone next year will be sporting a USB-C connector. And to solve your cable issue? Go on ebay buy a buttload of them. If your article says anything is that there’s absolutely no reason NOT to get the Nexus 6P, for anyone, ever.

  4. Ha ha. If you owned it and send it back doa like me you really know why it sucks. Some batches like the two i owned has terrible screens, a pink tint witch changes to blue/green sometimes. The automatic light on the screen (sorry for my English, i’m Swedish) doesn’t work in low light but that is probably a bug from google. I bought this crap a couple of days ago and have had two now but no, it’s crap. I’m sending my second back now and returning to my Note3 🙁

  5. So, there are two reasons discussed: overheating which you have edited, and losing the USB connector power connector. What a compelling detailed review (not)! Is there a page 2 or what am I missing. Not convincing based upon the “reasons” why not to buy…

  6. I love my nexus 6p, and it’s on Project FI so I have 3 carriers and almost never lose signal anywhere I go. I’m the only one in my office with FI and the only one with 4 bars of LTE on the 10th floor of our building…

    It’s awesome.


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