Odin is a famous tool which is used for Samsung smartphones to flash custom firmwares, kernels and different mods. It is very popular but the downside is that it’s available and compatible only with Windows, so you can’t use it with other operating systems like Mac and Linux.

That’s a big problem if you have a Galaxy device, want to modify it but can’t because you don’t have a Windows computer. That’s why jOdin3 got created. It looks and does exactly the same thing as Odin3 but it is based on Heimdall.


The best feature of jOdin3 is that along Windows, it can also run on Mac and Linux devices. It can be used from a browser too. That’s why this tool is good. It is very flexible. Else, everything is exactly the same. You root, install custom firmwares and kernels the same way as you usually do on Odin3.

You can download jOdin3 tool here.

There’s no risk of bricking your device if you follow rules carefully. This tool is a must have if you are into modifying your Android phone but unfortunately don’t have a Windows computer or laptop.

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