Save iOS 8.3 SHSH Blobs Before Updating To iOS 8.4 With TinyUmbrella Beta

Apple has started seeding iOS 8.4 for all compatible devices. It brings bug fixes and the highly anticipated Apple Music, a streaming service where you can listen to your favorite singer. You can update your device directly from the settings menu. If your storage is full, you can download iOS 8.4 using iTunes.

Either way, we recommend you to save your iOS 8.3 SHSH blobs before upgrading to iOS 8.4. If for some reason the update is not up to your expectations or your phone starts having issues, you would want to downgrade to iOS 8.3. To do so, you need to have iOS 8.3 SHSH blobs for your device. You cannot downgrade to iOS 8.3 if you do not have the SHSH blobs.

With TinyUmbrella, you can easily save iOS 8.3 SHSH blobs. Just like TaiG for jailbreak, TinyUmbrella is a one-click tool. Here’s how to use the tool.

Save iOS 8.3 Blobs With TinyUmbrella

  1. Download the latest version of TinyUmbrella here.
  2. Make sure to install the latest version of Java. The tool does not work without Java.
  3. Connect your phone to your computer.
  4. Open TinyUmbrella on your computer. It can be Windows or Mac OS X. You just need to download the right file. The tool will automatically recognize the phone and will save all SHSH blobs into a file.
  5. Once the process is over, youcan access the created folder in the following directories:
    • Windows: C:Users~.tu.shsh
    • Mac OS X: ~/.tu/.shsh

Now, if you installed iOS 8.4 and do not like it, you can easily downgrade using saved iOS 8.3 SHSH blobs.


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