Root Samsung Devices Without Triggering KNOX 0x1 (How To Guide)

Root your Samsung Galaxy device without tripping KNOX 0x1 and save your warranty. Latest Samsung devices come with KNOX security software installed. Samsung has said that KNOX is very helpful because it protects your phone but Android fans don’t have the same opinion.

Samsung has included a KNOX feature which basically doesn’t allow the users to root their phones. Now KNOX knows when you root your phone and it will activate KNOX Warranty Void from 0 to 1 and the warranty will be voided. The bad thing is that the counter can’t be reset.

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Even though the counter cannot be reset, fortunately there is a way to not activate it at all while rooting your Samsung device. A discovered exploit makes it possible to root Samsung Galaxy devices without activating KNOX Warranty Void.

To root your Samsung Galaxy device you only need to download an application, install it and then follow the instructions.

Download the application which will root your Samsung phone here.

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Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources. Once you have downloaded the APK file, install and open it. The app has only one button which says “Make It Rain”. Press the button, wait for 20 seconds and the phone will reboot. This time, with root access and warranty intact.


  1. I hace Riotex my galaxy s5 SM-G900T but not raed the afincar after 4 days that i have used, THE PROBLEMA IT IS THAT THE FLASH COUNTER WAS ACTIVATED PLEASE HELP ME I DON WANT TO LOSE MY PHONE.

  2. I downloaded the Ota firmware update on my Verizon galaxy s5. If I factory reset my phone then run towel root should that fix my “device is not supported” error, and most importantly not trip KNOX?

    • If the OTA update is recent, then unfortunately no. Recent updates have patched the exploit and is no longer possible to use Towelroot.

  3. still wont work on this god damn s5 been tryin for a week i need this phone my other one is shitting the bed

  4. I have smasung galaxy star pro 7262 and this freakin doesnt root….i didnt sleep last night and instead tried to root it but it wont
    happen!!!!!!…..i used kingo app bt doest connect……n when i used this towelroot it says unsupportteed………arhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  5. Uffff i already used towelroot to root my galaxy s4…but it saying”isn’t supported” then i gave three of the codes to it. but still it is not working……

  6. I have a straight talk 975l that doesnt’ work with towel root kernel is nov 22,2014 tried all three code also. also keep getting not supported.

  7. N986b/ds – This did not work. Now I have broken phone. Please don’t post bullshit. People are losing big dollars with your bad advice…

  8. I have a TCL A09DL v 11 I click the make it rain it just closes or backs out the app and doesn’t do anything at all?


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