How to remove password asterisks and type the password correctly on your Android phone. Nowadays, every time you have to log in to your account, you need to insert your username or email address and your password. When you write the username, you can see it. The phone doesn’t hide it.

But when you type the password the phone will hide the characters and will replace them with asterisks. This is a very useful feature because it prevents your accounts from being stolen. Imagine entering your password in public and the phone wouldn’t hide them.

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Everyone would be able to easily get your password and email address and get your information. While hiding the password characters and replacing them with asterisks is good because it keeps your accounts safe, it sometimes it is a real pain to log in.


Not only Android phones hide the password but even when you press a key letter, it doesn’t pop up in a bigger version like it would do when typing a message. If you have a long password with different combinations and letter sizes, it is very difficult to type it correctly.

Even if you mistype only one key, you have to start the password over again because it is impossible to know where the mistake is. If you don’t like password asterisks, you can disable them on your Android phone so you can see your password and enter it correctly.

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There are three things you need in order to prevent your phone from hiding your password: Xposed Framework, module and root access. Download the module, install and activate it using Xposed apps. Now you seem the password when typing it. This also works for PIN codes.

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