How To Turn Your Phone Into a Metal Detector Device

How to turn your your smart phone into a device that detects metal objects? Modern smart phone have many sensors built-in like accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor, barometer sensor, lights sensor, gyroscope sensor, gesture sensor and also magnetic sensor.

Most of these sensors are very useful like the gyroscope¬†sensor which decides if your phone is in portrait or landscape mode, proximity sensor which senses any nearby devices and lights sensor which is able to tell if the ambient is dark or not. That’s how automatic brightness works.

However, there’s also another sensor which is used to measure the magnetic field around us. If the sensors above were useful, does the magnetic sensor does anything good? Well, for a normal user it would be completely useless. However, developers won’t let such a good opportunity to escape.


What if you used your phone as a metal detector? There’s an app called “Metal Detector” which uses your phones magnetic sensor to find metal objects. Yes, you can literally hunt for previous metallic objects. Using your phone, every time the sensor notices a high magnetic field it will notify you.

It is a good idea to not use the app near an electronic device because electronic devices are known to interfere with magnetic sensors.

Download Metal Detector here.


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