How To Remove Bloatware from Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung always puts a lot of bloatware in its devices. It puts so much that a 16 GB Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 has only 7 GB of memory left for the user to use. Other 8-9 GB are all taken by Samsung’ s bloat and features that not all can appreciate. Some even call them gimmicks. And if you are one of those kind of people who don’t like all that bloatware which only wastes valuable memory space, you want to delete them. Some even install custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod just for the sake of having more space.

If you don’t want to install a pure Android ROM, there are a few options available to uninstall and remove all that bloatware. You can either take a stock firmware, debloat it and then flash it or uninstall certain applications with the help of a special application such as Titanium Backup. Either way, the result will be the same: Debloated Samsung Galaxy S5 with more free space.

Here are the best ways to uninstall unnecessary applications on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

1. Removing Bloat from Firmware with SmartDebloater.

SmartDebloater, as the same says, it’s a tool which uninstalls unnecessary programs from the Galaxy S5 firmware.
With this tool, you have to take the firmware, put it  inside a folder and then the tool gives you the option to remove every app that isn’t necessary.

SmartDebloater Guide

Download SmartDebloater here.

1. Put the firmware file inside the Original folder.

2. Choose the option to debloat ROM.

3. Choose from over 50 apps that can be removed. They are all safe to uninstall.

4. After you have removed the apps, choose “To Build Option”. This turns the ROM into a ZIP file.

5. Take the firmware and flash it.

2. Freezing applications with Titanium Backup


Titanium Backup is one of the best and most popular apps in the Play Store. It has many useful functionalities such as making and restoring backups, freezing and uninstalling apps and many more. It is very handy but it also requires root access.

1. If you haven’t downloaded Titanium Backup yet, download it here.

2. Open the app. It will require root access and you should grant it. Then go to Backup/Restore tab where all phone’s applications are.

3. Scroll down until you find the application you want and select it.

4. There you will have some option such as backup, freeze and uninstall.

5. You can either select to a) freeze the app or b) uninstall it.

a) If you freeze the application, it will free some RAM memory but it won’t free any internal memory because the app is still there. It’s just not running. Choose this option if you want only a slightly better performance.

b) If you uninstall the app, it will free RAM memory space as well as internal memory because the app is completely removed. Choose this option if you need more free space.

That is it. Now you have a debloated Samsung Galaxy S5.