How to Take a Picture by Whistling for Perfect Selfies

Take selfies on your Android phone by just whistling. How many selfies do you take everyday? They are becoming everyday more and more popular.  You can see them on every social site: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. If you also like to take a lot of selfies, you know that it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.

You have to hold your phone up so you can be inside the frame and hit the capture button. Pressing the capture button with the hand that you are already holding the phone because your other hand is busy (It is on your friend’s shoulder) isn’t very easy. Many times the phone may slip and hit the ground and get cracked. This is not good.


However, the good news is that there is an application on the Play Store which allows you to take photos by simply whistling for a fraction of a second. The application which is called “Whistle Camera” has plenty of options for you to edit. One of the most important ones is the option to change the whistle sensitivity. By default, the sensitivity is set at medium which works very well. You can set to high if you want to whistle at a lower volume.

Also, you can change the time from whistling to actually take the photo. For the front facing camera, timer is set to three seconds. Enough time  for you to get ready for the selfie.You can change the timer though if you don’t like the stock values.

Download Whistle Camera here and start taking photos by simply whistling.