How to Make the Galaxy S3 Look Like a Galaxy S5 (Full Theme)

Here is the full guide to make your Galaxy S3 software look like the new Samsung Galaxy S5.  The Galaxy S5 has a new cleaner and brighter interface as well as an improved Touchwiz launcher. Settings menu is changed, notification drawer design is more colorful and color are lighter.

The launcher has new widgets and icons too. You can make your GS3 like a GS5 with a few simple themes and mods. The following guide will teach you where to download and how to install the required themes and S5 applications.


Required Files to Download

1. First of all, you will need to download Galaxy S5 Touchwiz launcher (link) and S5 Weather Widget (link).

2. Then, download the theme which has the icons and all UI design (link).

How to Install:

Step 1 – If you have downloaded the files on your computer, connect your phone to your PC and move all the files to your phones internal memory.

Step 2 – Turn off the phone and go to Recovery Mode. There, install the Galaxy S5 launcher and then the weather widget. After you’ve installed them both, reboot your phone to see if the launcher has been successfully installed.

Step 3 -If launcher has been correctly flashed, go again to Recovery Mode and this time flash the S5 theme file. Then, wipe cache and reboot your phone. It may take a few moments for your Galaxy S3 to boot uo until it has successfully optimized all apps.

Step 4 -Now you will have the new Galaxy S5 launcher and icons. If for any reason you don’t want this design anymore, you can easily go back as there is a backup of your original system files. Enjoy.


  1. my s3 GTI9300’s home screen is blurred at top most portion where battery,clock,network logo is situated, i am running on 4.3 official firmware so how to solve this


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