Learn how to install official Samsung firmwares on the Samsung Galaxy S5 using Odin3. Odin3 is one of the most used tools for Samsung devices because it is the best and fastest way to install firmwares and kernels. It is the safest tool and chances to brick the phone are small.

Something like that can happen only if you don’t carefully follow the instructions. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is still considered as a new device to the market yet the support for the device is getting bigger and bigger everyday. There are custom ROMs and root methods available already.

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Installing an official firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S5 will remove all signs of root and will restore it to the factory settings. It will basically make the phone like new software-wise.


– Odin3 Samsung tool (link)

– Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware. Download for SM-G900H & SM-G900F

– At least 70% battery left

How to install Samsung Galaxy S5 Official Firmware and Kernel

1. Turn your phone off and boot into Download Mode (Volume Down + Home + Power) and press the Volume Up button only one time.

2. Open ODIN3 tool and connect your phone to your PC.

3. Click PDA on ODIN and select the downloaded firmware and click Start.

4. Leave the phone alone as the process will last for around 5 minutes.

5. Boot your phone into Recovery and wipe data and factory reset.

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That is it. Now you Samsung Galaxy S5 has stock official firmware and it is like a new device. This also fixes any possible problem your phone might have.

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  • kamau

    there is no pda for odin anymore help

    • PDA is the same as AP.

      • Eric

        Is this for verizon as well ? 900v?

        • Yes the process is the same. You should be careful and download a firmware which is designed for your phone variant.

          • nexzianas

            can i make call after i do this

          • Yes.

          • iliros

            Do you have Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware for SM—G900F

  • Jiny

    Do you have the official Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware for SM—G900T1
    Where can I find it.

    • Hi Jiny, this is the official firmware for your Galaxy S5 SM-G900T1 variant

      • Jiny

        Thank you! I completed the process and installed the firmware, but I was not able
        to get rid of the “Samsung retail mode” is still there. If I do the
        process again and choose “repartition” will that erase all the
        applications downloaded to the cell phone?
        Thanks again

          • Jiny

            Yes, I download the correct variant. I already read the article, and tried the password you suggested but did not work. Seems like this Samsung retail mode has a different password.
            any ideas? Thanks!

          • Jiny

            I finally found the password to uninstall the Samsung retail mode program. It was “rethink” if that one does not work people can try “rollback”
            Thanks for all your help 🙂

          • Thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Stefan Paraschiv

    where i can find kernel only kernel for 900F? official if is possible plss help me!!

  • Omar

    Is the firmware compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 (model SM-G900P)? I am afraid i have bricked my phone and im an unsure if installing this firmware will help. I have tried the factory reset and it still freezes at the logo screen.

  • Franco

    Hi Ronaldo, I have a Samsung S5 G900H KOT49H.G900HXXU1ANI1(for Argentina – without carrier), and I am thinking to root my device, but I have some doubts

    1) If after to do root appear androido 5.0 lolipop, I will be able to update it (rom + kernel)?
    2) On the other hand, do you know what files I need to use to root my device, as well as, wich rom is OK for my G900H S5 model?

    Thanks in advance !!!!


  • sean

    Hi ive started the dowload following your instructions but im not sure if download has actually started i have some text reading All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0) in the message box but nothing else seems to be happening just wondering if this is normal also my device is a samsung galaxy s5 mini sm-g800f and im trying to fix it from being stuck at the boot logo

  • Chris Thieblot

    Hey there. I got an s5 off kijiji. The guy got it off Wind which means it was the SM-G900W8 model but he said he flashed the SM-G900F kernel because there is more dev for it.
    I want to return it to stock and get OTA updates. How do I flash it back to SM-G900W8?

      • Chris Thieblot

        Thanks. One more question, what do the last 4 characters of the build number represent? I have downloaded this:
        Will that work too? I am downloading the one you sent me as well just in case.
        Thanks for all your help. Use Odin right?

        • You can use any SM-G900W8 firmware. The characters contain information about firmware date and region. Yes, all firmwares should be installed using Odin.

  • connor

    Dont suppose you know whats wrong with my phone i have a samsung galaxy s5 and its stuck on the boot logo after i tried resetting it back to factory settings iv done the volume up + home + power and the press factory reset but its still stuck and i have also tried reapplying the custom rom any ideas

  • John Crofts

    so i screwed up trying to get my s5 back to stock and soft bricked it i tried flashing the rom i rooted it with first and no good i cant find anywhere that allows me to download the official firmware sm g900i easily. when i flashed the cfw back after soft brick it has worked as i lost philztouch recovery system it is now the normal one. what can i do i am going to try omega when i finish the download do you think that will fix it or am i stuffed completely

  • Krist Domgjoni

    Hi. Where can i find the firmare for SM-G900X live demo unit.

  • Jam Cunanan

    If I’ve remove the Samsung Retailmode on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4,
    Is there a possibilities that i can use it with Sim Card or like a regular phone?
    Big Thanks’

  • azz

    Hey guys can some one please give me some technical advice I’m trying to get an original rom/kernel for my Samsung galaxy smg900i

  • Kevin Vue


    • Did you flash the right firmware for your model? Also, try wiping data after flashing the firmware.

      • Kevin Vue

        im still a noob at this. firmware is again…
        cus when i turn it back on, it will still show the animation

  • Andy Isbister

    I have a S5 SM-900I does This change anything About how to do it?

  • Aedus

    ODIN just keeps telling me it’s “failed” a few seconds after I press start, how can I get it to work?????

  • Shipwreck

    Hoping I can get some help here. I’ve tried at XDA and other forums but there seems to be an elitist attitude at them (especially XDA) and anyone asking for helps always gets the cookie cutter reply of ‘no spoon feeding here’… Well… Myself and most others I saw weren’t looking for spoon feeding, just looking for help learning, but apparently the folks at these sites seem to believe you need to be born with the knowledge…. Anyhow…..
    I bought a Galaxy S5 from a Canadian shop on Ebay. It’s a G900P, from Sprint. I’m on Petro Canada Mobile (Rogers) and the stock G900P firmware won’t allow me to make calls, text, or use data. It also has all the Sprint bloatware, which I want to get rid of. I’ve rooted the phone and flashed several custom ROMs and they do work, albeit in a limited way. With the custom ROMs I can make calls, text, and use data, but I can not get Rogers 4G because the phone seems to be stuck on the CDMA settings, (most likely through CSC files and build.prop) and can not change to APN protocols to enable IPv4/IPv6 (the option is on IPv4 and greyed out so I can’t change it.
    I just need to know if I can flash GP900W8 firmware to the G900P to get the proper setup to use all my carrier’s functionality (HSPA+/GSM (850/1900 Mhz, LTE) or not. If not then how I would go about modifying a custom ROM to be able to use the functions mentioned.
    Thanks in advance.