Why Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Suck & You Shouldn’t Buy Them

galaxy s6 sucks do not buy
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The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are finally here, officially announced by Samsung in Barcelona during MWC. As leaks had already suggested, both of the devices come with premium metals, aluminum and glass. But, there are a few things that Samsung decided to exclude that were main selling points on previous Galaxy devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is exactly as the original Galaxy S6, with the exception that it has curved sides and the battery is slightly bigger. In this article, we are going to talk why you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S6 or its brother. Please note that this article is not biased. It is written to give you information about things that these two devices are missing.

Both of these devices are excellent, with new premium materials, gorgeous displays and super fast processors. Here are a few things that are missing and might be deal breakers for you.

No Micro SD card support

One of the main selling points of the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 is support for Micro SD cards. If you feel like 16 or 32 GB of internal memory storage isn’t enough, you can buy a cheap 64 GB card and put it in your phone. You can no longer do so because Samsung decided to go with a glass back cover, which is not removable. This also leads to the second point of the article.

No Removable Back Cover & Battery

Since Samsung decided to go with a glass back cover, now it is impossible to easily remove it. You can no longer remove like you could do on the Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5. Because of this, the battery now is also not removable. Basically, if you have a problem with the battery, you have to send it to a store instead of buying another battery and replacing it with the current one.

Smaller Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a 2550 mAh battery. It is 250 mAh smaller than the battery of the Galaxy S5. This is something that we didn’t expect from Samsung. We were expecting a bigger or at least the same battery size, not a much more smaller battery. The Galaxy S6 Edge is not better. It has a 2600 mAh battery which again, it is 200 mAh smaller than the one found on the Galaxy S5.

Back Cover Design

The front of the devices hasn’t changed a lot, though the Galaxy S6 Edge looks much better with its curved screen. However, switching to the back, you will not be so pleased. Samsung has opted for a glass back cover. While it increases the quality of the phone, we have to say that it is ugly. And the protruding camera makes things only worse.

No Water-Resistant Body

The Galaxy S5 featured an IP67 certified design, meaning that it was water-resistant and completely dust proof. This is not the case with the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge. You should be very careful when there’s water around.

These are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t buy the new Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!


  1. You have just forget to mention it’s no longer have water resistance, really disappointing .
    after 13 years of Loyalty from N620 till Note 4, now I’m done with Samsung.
    I’ve had Enough.

  2. Agree! The Galaxy S5 is overall a better phone. No Micro SD card, no water-resistant body, smaller battery. It is not worth it.

  3. Finally caved in to the “cheap plastic”reviewers and what a bad decision it was. What your phone is made of means nothing because you’re going to cover it in a cheap plastic case anyway. I’ll take removable/replaceable sd card, battery, and water-proofing/resistance over metal and glass that my hand will feel and my eyes will see only a number of times in the lifetime of my device any day.
    Mobile phones are throw away devices with roughly a max 3 year life span. Features that make that 3 years all the more likely to happen with the same device and transition to a new device easier far outweigh premium looks.
    Will be sticking with my s5 and unless the s7 brings back these features I will buy another s5 should mine fail. Though it’s more likely some carrier stamped release of Android will mess my phone up….

  4. I love galaxy phones, and what I love about them is the option to change my own batteries and the option to use removable SD cards. I also absolutely loved the ip67 rating the s5 had. It really does feel like, at least with the SD cards, that they are just trying to make more money off of us. I wish I could back this phone, but I can’t, every one of my favorite features, and indeed the specific features I look for in a phone, has been removed. It always angered me, literally angered me, that apple would charge 100 dollars more for every increase in memory. Any phone that takes freedoms away from its owner bother me. It’s like DRM on your hardware. I love Samsung but I really hope the s7 gets these features back.

    I have a note 4 by the way, the plus for me is that if the note 5 goes the same route as the s6 then I can feel good that I don’t have the newest model, just, in my opinion, the best.

  5. screw your site and it’s script that doesn’t let me use my ‘back button’ to navigate back to search results.

  6. My Note 3 will last me for a lot longer if Note 5 comes out to be the trash that S6 is.

    If I have to I will give up amoled/spen and just go with Z4 Ultra if they make one. Sure it won’t be as accurate when it comes to writing but I’ll make do rather than go with an iphone wannabe.

    I remember when people called S phones copies of apple, which wasn’t true since it was growing in screen size, had amoled, battery replacement, sd cards, spen, water proofing, but now its just an iphone knockoff. More durable and a much better screen but that’s it.

    All you who said Samsung was just copying Apple before, you are now free to claim that all you want, because, unlike last time you would now be right. So have at em!

  7. ok s6 is a good phone (i perfer phablets) but its just TOO EXPENSIVE!
    i agree with sd card but come on, how often do you replace the battery? its just that you feel comfortable that you can easily swap battery when you need to but never needed!

    • uhmmmm i swap the battery of my s5 when i go hiking, or leisuring in a remote islands near my city.

      • it takes time and every time i remove my note 4’s cover it feels like im gonna break it! so i carry a power bank!(but ofc it weights 100x more and more expensive and wastes more energy :|) also i carry a charger 😀 i’m literally low battery proof 😀

          • taking cover takes more time, but lets say you don’t have a cover, rebooting takes even longer!

  8. This article is click bait. The s6 has a more efficient processor and ram making the 250 mah insignificant. The device is also significantly slimmer as a result of the non removable battery, which may or may not be important to you. The non expandable storage is the standard now because of security and storage emulation, so much so that Google is utilizing it in the nexus lineup. With cloud storage in the hundreds of gigs for free and encrypted, why do you need expandable storage?

    • While there is room for discussion regarding external storage, battery life is noticeably worse. Our Galaxy S5 can last with 5-6 hours of on screen time, while our Galaxy S6 unit struggles to go past 4 hours.

    • processor and ram bla bla bla, u think u buy a phone for their processor? buy a pc if u want efficien processor.

    • What about the software issues causing error messages and freezing screens? The S6 is a price of crap and indefensible. Oh, and no more hovering.

    • Are you kidding with the cloud storage? Nothing’s going to beat fast offline access to files.
      Can’t run software off cloud services.
      Also, cloud services are more vulnerable to unauthorized access than the SD card inside your phone, unless of course you’re careless enough to let someone physically steal your phone/SD card.

  9. why need expandable storage u ask? because so many people still sick of data charge for downloading the files or movies they already own before they put it in the cloud. nobody like extra fees for seeing or watching the files while they could have use or see it for free within their microsd card external storage.

    i wonder why do you even asked that question???

    just for the sake of slimmer design samsung dare to dismantle the removable battery feature, which is a stupid idea of practicality. sure you can say have powerbank with you, but what if the powerbank is also depleted? should i go around looking for power plug to charge the phone back up? if there’s removable battery i could’ve easily carry around extra battery for times when i need it the most.

    s6 no waterproof? i say that’s a downgrade from s5.

    i used to be samsung fan boy, but looking at this crap of copying iphone 6 design it just breaks my heart. i’m no fan boy of anything as of for now, trying to switch my samsung s5 to perhaps other phone with removable battery, waterproof, and most importantly microsd card slot.

    bye samsung………

  10. Here’s the 2 biggest issues with these changes.

    One: battery fails and you can’t simply buy a new battery or have back ups so you’re forced to bring it to a store… I prefer not to deal with someone screwing with a 600 device I purchased and have to wait how long before I get my phone back?

    Two: removing extended memory options limit what you can do with your phone. I am a user that treasures my freedom. Why should I be forced to use a cloud storage system when I can make my own and or use my computer for back up?

    More efficient processor? Yes I enjoy that but I prefer to have the freedom to do what I want. I’m not upgrading my s5 to an s6. It’s a downgrade in my eyes.

    I use verizon and they’ve limited what you can do as a poweruser. In order for me to use a custom rom I had to downgrade from lolipop to 4.4.2, root through an apk and use bootstrap for alliancerom. Guess why? Because vzw have locked bootloaders. And yes rooting your phone and using a custom rom is LEGAL. It just voids the warranty if you trip knox.

    Heh anyone that doesn’t mind having the functionality to do what you want with your phone is a tool. You might not use these features but it should be available to the people who do care about having your carrier dictate everything that happens within your phone.

  11. I have the S6 edge and wish that I could get a full refund and just go back to my S3. This phone does not run any faster or efficient.

    • Yep, total crap phones. Especially when it comes to pictures. If I don’t take multiple images, they do not appear. I just had one turn completely gray not even 30 minutes after I took it. S7 is crap. I hate you samsung. You should just stick to monitors and TV. I’m so mad about this I wrote on an ancient thread so I could have my disgust forever saved on the web. Fu samsung. P. S. This isn’t even remotely worth getting spied on for the “luxury” of a spy gadget. F. U. again shitttheads.

  12. The S6 is just a failure. No replaceable battery, no SD card, no hovering, it freezes, gives error messages all the time. It just sucks and is frustrating. Stay away from it.

  13. You forgot to mention it went from USB 3.0 back to USB 2.0!!
    It’s ridiculous how many features were sacrificed for a bit of “sleekness”. What a joke of a phone.

  14. I agree with the majority here. I’m sticking with my S5. No removable battery? Those of us with Samsungs love our phones, but being able to remove the battery when the phone inevitably freezes was a lifesaver. No sd Card slot? C’mon Samsung! I expected wayyy better. And as far as the argument goes for expandable storage no longer being needed….What if I’m out in the middle of nowhere and I want to watch a movie? Cloud does me no good in that situation. Not to mention all the music files I have on my device, and recording HD videos uses allot of space so if I dont pay extra for more internal memory, I’m screwed. Wait for the S7, I can guarantee that the removable battery and Sd card slot will be back.

  15. You left out the fact that the s6 no longer has the ir blaster. I have grown quite fond of using my phone as a remote as it is always with me and my kids can’t lose it. I ordered the s6 edge plus, tried it out for a couple days, and am sending it back. My guess is that the next generation of Samsung phones will bring all of these features back. Fingers crossed!

  16. Most don’t realize that you can not talk to someone and surf the internet at the same time unless you are in a location that you can connect to a wifi signal. Why in the world would Samsung design a phone that can’t do both without utilizing a wifi signal. When I found out about this, the S6 was an immediate “no go” phone for me.

  17. 100% – S6 plain sucks! worst money I ever spent on a device. bogs down, slow, slow, slow and then it get slower! Fingerprint reader blows. doesn’t work when finger is cold!
    If you never install any apps, and use it like a flip phone, then it will work for you

  18. I came from the Note 4 to the S6 Edge and I am greatly disappointed. So many “features” that to me seem like common sense stuff (like a rotating home screen once you reach the last page, & same for apps page) and turning off dual-app mode – things that were normal on the Note 4 were all disabled for the S6 Edge. Add to that the fact the S6 LAGS all day long, I can not have more than 1 app open at any given time or else it takes forever to load anything… it is a terrible phone, and it was made so that people would look forward to the S7. Terrible business Samsung.


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