The Best Way To Organize Your Life Using a Smartphone – Slate Calendar

We live in a technologic world, we are surrounded with gadgets. With or without our consequence technology affects our lives. You can find it everywhere, in your house, work and vacations.  It has replaced a lot of things that we used to do without it. It has replaced our personal assistants too. Now a small device called smartphone can do everything.

A great app which helps you to organize your life is Slate Calendar. This is a featured calendar and offers you a lot of possibilities to make things easier to remember. Without calendars our life would be a total  chaos. But thanks to them our life is much easier, we can organize everything in everyday life, so there will be no chance to forget anything.

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Nowadays a few people use a paper calendar. We live in a technologic world so everything we do is tech-related. The same thing goes for a calendar. Most of people use apps on their smartphones to organize their life and to remember things. Google offers many calendars but they seem to have an old look, like 10 or 15 years ago.

Slate calendar

A boy from XDA brings to us a new calendar app called Slate Calendar. It’s not only a simple calendar. It’s your personal assistant too. This app is very useful, it helps you to save and remember all your personal data or work to.

It is to simple to use and gives you a lot of things to remember. You can save events, friends birthdays, weather, results of your favorite sports game and much more. It also is integrated with Google Calendar so you won’t miss a single thing.

The creator of the app says that the app is on an early stage of development and it is described as beta. There are unlucky people who have reported issues from this app. But most of the people who have used this app share a good experience even though the app is described as beta. The author says he is working to improve this app and make it better.

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Download app here.


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