Best Custom ROMs for LG G3 (Fast & Stable)

The LG G3 is latest and greatest LG device. It has high-end specifications and a firmware filled with useful features and options. If you are looking for the best custom ROMs for your LG G3 device you have come to the right site. Here are the best custom ROMs for LG’s flagship device.

Even though the device itself is great, a custom ROM unlocks all the power and opportunities of the LG G3. The device is still new but there are already some great custom ROMs you can flash. All the ROMs below are based on Android 4.4 and have all the features expected from a custom ROM.

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SphinX G3 ROM


SphinX G3 is the first ROM for the LG G3. It has a lot of features and mods installed and there are frequently updates to add more features and fix all the possible bugs.

Here are some of the most important features of SphinX G3 ROM:

  • Debloated
  • Latest GAPPS
  • Clean Call settings & Mobile network settings
  • Increased qslide to 5 (3 is default)
  • Increased Lock Screen effect to 12
  • Always show Development options
  • Added hidden menu & Test settings (*#*#4636#*#*)
  • Added plug and pop
  • Added LGVideos App shortcut
  • Added Useful Apps: Rebooter, Flashlight widget
  • Removed dual clock
  • Removed korean dialer
  • Fix split thread sms
  • Replace english ringtones
  • Replace boot animation from International G3
  • ZipAlign
  • Odexed
  • Busybox

Download link for SphinX G3 ROM for the LG G3



VDT is another great ROM for the LG G3. As other custom ROMs, VDT is based on latest Android 4.4 KitKat version. If you like Sony Xperia Z2, this is the perfect ROM for you. VDT ROM has a lot of Xperia Z2 applications. Here is a list of features and applications this ROM has.

  • Improved Toggle 2G/3G.
  • Add the Walkman player.
  • Add Xperia Z2 Video Player
  • Add Xperia Z2 Image Gallery
  • Add Xperia Z2 Walkman App
  • Add Zperia home screen interface Z2.
  • Add wallpaper Zperia Full of Z2.
  • Add Note, Sketch, Social life, Smart Connect, the Xperia Xperia Lounge Z2.
  • Add weather Xperia Z2.
  • Odex Full system (app, app-priv, Framework) to optimize RAM

Download link for VDT LG G3 ROM

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These were the best and most stable custom ROMs available for the LG G3 at the moment. There aren’t many other custom ROMs now because the device is still new.


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