Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Receives Galaxy S6 Theme Store (Dr.Ketan ROM)

Theme Store is a feature available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The store contains hundreds of themes which you can download and install using the built-in theme panel on the Galaxy S6 and its brother.

At the moment, the theme panel and theme store are available for Samsung’s latest flagship only and no software update has given this feature to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. A few weeks ago we told you how to manually enable the Samsung Galaxy S6 theme panel on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you have missed it, you can check it out on the link below:

Basically, this method enables the S6 theme panel on the Galaxy Note 4 N910G and other variants. The only problem is that there is no official theme store. The phone crashes when you try to open the store and the only way of adding more themes is to manually install APK themes.

Recently, some good news have come from dr.ketan, a recognized contributor. On a published video, he hints for an upcoming theme panel and theme store for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Dr.Ketan custom ROM.

Dr.Ketan is a custom ROM developed by the developer with the same name, and it has features that a stock firmware doesn’t. The latest addition to the ROM will be a fully working Galaxy S6 theme panel alongside theme store.

Based on the video, the theme panel and theme store are working great. The store can be accessed and themes can be downloaded. According to the developer, it will take just a little longer to make it a daily driver and to implement it into the ROM.



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