Download and Install OmniROM on Raspberry Pi 4 (Android 11)

You can now download and install OmniROM on the Raspberry Pi 4. OmniROM is a custom ROM based on the latest Android 11 update. The ROM is created and maintained by maxwen and is available on a number of Android phones. Now, the ROM is also available on the Raspberry Pi 4.

OmniROM is based on pure AOSP, and offers a stock Pixel OS experience. Besides a new number, Android 11 comes with lots of features and optimizations. For example, a new feature called Bubbles allows users to chat while multitasking. You can pin conversations which will appear on top of other screens and pages, so you can easily keep the conversation going. Furthermore, there’s a built-in screen recording, smart replies, device controls, media controls, and much more.

You can enjoy the latest and greatest features of Android 11 on your Raspberry Pi 4 by installing the OmniROM. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to do so. We have provided all the required files that you need to download.

How To Install OmniROM Android 11 ROM on Raspberry Pi 4

The ROM supports booting from microSD card and also from an external storage media device. You can switch between SD card and USB by modifying the config.txt file. The SD card is enabled by default.

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Steps to install Android 11 ROM (OmniROM) on Raspberry Pi 4

  1. Download all the necessary files on your computer, and install the Balena Etcher tool.
  2. Connect the SD card or USB drive to your computer.
  3. Extract the OmniROM ZIP file.
  4. Open Balena Etcher, and click on Flash from file.
  5. Go to the extracted ROM file, and select the image file. You can find it at home/maxl/raspberrypi/omni-WEEKLY.img.
  6. Click on Open.
  7. Click on Target and select the SD card.
  8. Click on Flash.
  9. The tool will install the ROM on your Raspberry Pi 4.

Once the installation process is over, remove the SD card from your computer and insert it into your Raspberry Pi 4 and turn the device on. That is all you need to do to install OmniROM on your Raspberry Pi 4. Additionally, you can install an official Gappps package to get your preferred Google apps.