Improve Battery Life & Security With WiFi Better Battery

WiFi Better Battery is an Android app which improves battery life and makes WiFi connections more secure. Nowadays, smartphones aren’t smartphones if they don’t have access to internet access.

Without internet access, a smartphone is a normal phone with basic features like calling, sending text messages and taking pictures. But downloading photos, installing games and watching videos become impossible tasks.

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The most usual way of accessing internet with a smartphone is connecting to a WiFi. Today, everyone has one WiFi network on their houses and some people have multiple routers for better and faster internet connection.

better battery life wifi

WiFi is much better than 4G mobile data when it comes to battery life. Mobile data uses a lot of battery juice. Even though WiFi is better than mobile data when it comes to 4G, there is still room for improvement.

Many users leave WiFi on even when their device isn’t connected to any networks. Leaving WiFi on when not connected will drain battery.

Also, when signal is low, the phone will use a lot of battery juice because it works harder to keep the connectivity alive. Another concern is security. If you connect to a network, you don’t know if it is compromised. If it is, then data from your phone might get stolen.

WiFi Better Battery aims to fix all these problems. When your phone disconnects from a network, the app will automatically turn off the antenna to save battery.

The app offers MAC checking feature. When you try to connect to a network, the phone will search for the name. Then it will send the password. This password can be collected by a compromised router.

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This app is a great option if you want to save battery life and also enhance security when connecting to different WiFi networks. Download WiFi Better Battery here.


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