Download Wreck-It Ralph Game Series for Android

Do you remember the good Wreck-It Ralph movie and Ralph’s adventure through different worlds and different arcade games looking for a medal to prove that he can stop being a villain?

Now you can play all these games by controlling Ralph and Felix. You can play through 5 different arcade games. Fix-It Felix where you can rebuild and fix everything that Ralph has destroyed. Hero’s Duty where you teach a good lessons to those cy-bugs.


Sweet Climber where you, controlling Ralph, have to climb from candy to candy. Turbo Time where you have to win a gold medal driving at turbo speed avoiding obstacles. Fly Command where you have to travel extreme distances destroying everything in your path.

Download Wreck-It Ralph for Android here

Wreck-It Ralph is a very good game and 8-bit & 16-bit games that are in it will bring into your mind the good old retro games.


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