Check Out How Fast You Can Type On Your Smartphone

How fast do you type on your smart phone? Have you ever wondered how many words and characters you can write in a minute or two? There are a lot of programs for computers that record the words you type within a time limit and then count how fast you type and how many words you have typed.

A similar application has just been released for Android phones too. The app, called “The Typist”, has a very simple function. It sees how fast you can type on a touchscreen device. There are three time limits you can choose from: 1, 2 and 3 minutes. When you are typing you can see the chart which tells you your current progress, which word is next and which words you have written wrong.


After you finish typing the fragment, you get to see how many words per minute you can write, total number of errors and which word you have frequently mistyped. You can then share your scores on Google Play Leaderboard and see who can beat you and who is the fastest at typing on a touchscreen device.

If you want, you can enable auto correct and suggested words as it would make a fairer situation just because most of smart phone users rely a lot on them.

If you want to test your texting skills, download The Typist here.


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