The Best Useful Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Here are some of the best and useful apps for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Android Market is getting bigger and bigger because many apps are being added into the Play Store everyday so there is a wide variety of apps to choose from. But which are some good apps that are worth installing on your Galaxy S4? Let’s take a look.

Floating Notifications



Floating Notifications is the best app if you are tired and sick from closing your current app to view your latest notifications. But with this app you can view your notifications without leaving your existing app, just like Chat Heads for Facebook. Just click the little floating icon and you’re done.

Download Floating Notifications here

Amazon Kindle



The Kindle app puts over a million books at your fingertips. You can read every possible book on your phone without the need to go to the store and buy it. With this app you can also open PDF documents which can be a life saver if you don’t have a PC nearby.

Download Amazon Kindle here

Tune In Radio


Why settle for one talk-radio source when you can choose from thousands? Stitcher brings together live stations, recorded talk-radio shows and podcasts from around the web into a single app and lets you create custom stations based on your favorites. Plus, it doesn’t get all weird around power lines the way AM radio does.
Download Tune In Radio here

Trip It


With a little extra effort up front, TripIt spares you from digging for your travel details later. Just forward your flight, hotel, car rental and restaurant reservations and the app pulls them into separate itineraries. And if you use Gmail, Tripit gathers those details automatically.
Download Trip it here



Want to make iPhone owners jealous? Tell them about how you can send and receive all your text messages right from your laptop or desktop web browser. To make it happen, install the MightyText app on your phone, then set up the web app on your computer.
Download MightyText  here

Galaxy S4 Universal Remote

This app changes the Galaxy S4 into an universal remote. You can control almost all the electronics that are in your house. Control your TV, your Air Conditioner, you Audio Video receiver and also your DLSR camera! Editing the interface of this app is very simple and easy.  You can change the position and the size of the buttons and also the colors according to your likings.

Download Galaxy S4 Universal Remote here

That’s it folks. Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Some good Apps Are – 3G Manager. , Sketch Guru [ Best ] , Android Tuner [ Best ] , 3D Image Live Wallpaper , etc…..


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